What is this website?

Demolish the Troll serves as an Internet resource for battling “trolls”–people who start provocative arguments full of ignorance and misinformation. Although many Internet users believe responding to and “feeding” trolls only creates problems, we believe failure to adequately respond to trolls tacitly suggests agreement. When an Internet user encounters an ignorant comment on the web, they can save the time and energy used in responding by linking to one of our articles. Our articles aim to be comprehensive, well-researched, and with links to sources. We also try to acknowledge a wide variety of perspectives to allow for a complete picture surrounding a topic or issue.

For more info, check out our About page.

Who are you?

Demolish the Troll’s primary writer and content manager prefers to remain anonymous on his site. He goes by the name “Demolisher Willbanks.” He is a native of California who has past experience in web writing and working on political campaigns. After too much time perusing the comments on web articles, he decided to do something about the cesspool of misinformation floating around the internet.

Other guest writers may contribute content from time to time; their work will be noted in entries.

You’re biased!!1!

First of all, that is not a question.

Second of all, yes, Demolisher Willbanks and other guest writers have their own biases. The site tends to take a liberal, progressive perspective on political issues and life. However, the presence of a bias does not automatically prevent an individual from thinking critically about topics and issues. Before demolishing a troll’s comment, writers perform extensive research. We also attempt to show all different perspectives in the rebuttals–including a brief explanation as to why the Original Commenter may have developed such misguided beliefs.

Because our blog primarily grapples with the most egregious of fallacies, we expect most conservatives will not be too put off by any content here.

Can I contact the writers of this blog?

You can send Demolisher Willbanks an email at demolishthetroll@gmail.com. A response is not guaranteed.

Other writers may choose to provide contact information as they see fit.

I found a terrible, stupid, ignorant comment on the Internet! Can you guys write a rebuttal for it?

We can try! Fill out the form on our Request a Rebuttal page. We cannot promise that we will use your comment as a sample comment, and we may end up referring you to a previous rebuttal on a similar topic. However, we will do our best to fight ignorance all across the Internet.

I found a really stupid liberal’s comment about guns/privacy rights/my Christian faith/some other conservative bleeding heart issue! However, you guys just said you’re a bunch of liberals. Should I bother requesting a rebuttal?

Absolutely! Don’t get too hung up on the Californian-liberal-progressive bias thing. Our primary aim is not political advocacy, but rather fighting ignorance on the Internet in all shapes and forms.

I requested a rebuttal a month ago, and I never received a response. Does this mean you don’t love me?

No, we love you just fine. Because of the staggering amount of misinformation on the Internet in comparison to our limited resources, we cannot guarantee a rebuttal will be written for every request. However, a response very well may be in the works! Sometimes rebuttals may require extensive research, especially if it relates to a unique topic. Writing takes time. Patience, young grasshopper.

Why can’t I comment on any of the articles?

For the time being, Demolish the Troll merely exists as a database of well-researched rebuttals. It does not serve as a discussion platform. We do this so we can devote our time and energy toward writing complete, compelling rebuttals, rather than moderating comments.

One of your articles used Wikipedia as a source! Are you saying Wikipedia is a reliable source to cite?

When an article contains a link to Wikipedia, we intend to link readers to general information about a topic. We do not use information on Wikipedia as a primary source for our rebuttals. Because Wikipedia can be easily edited or changed, we encourage others to avoid exclusively relying on Wikipedia for information.

That said, a little-known secret: the footnotes on a Wikipedia page can prove useful as a starting point for researching a topic.

Even after reading one of your articles, I still think you’re wrong on an issue! What can I do about it?

Not a whole lot. If it makes you feel better, you can send an email. We very well may update an entry based on the information you provide, but you’ll have to bring earth-shattering new evidence to the table. Don’t count on a response.

One of your sources has a broken link! Can you fix it?

Yes–please let us know of any broken links immediately. Websites can change and PDFs of studies sometimes are moved or relocated. Send an email as soon as possible.

You guys seem cool, and I want to help! Could I write a rebuttal for you?

For the time being, only Demolisher Willbanks and a few select people he knows will be contributing content to the website. Should we ever change our policy, we will make an announcement.

I still think you’re a bunch of rotten liberals! Is there a conservative version of this website?

There are plenty of websites catering to conservative alternate realities of the Universe. My personal favorite is Conservapedia. Enjoy.

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